Financiers and pimps

I was going to do an April Fools’ Day post about a report by a free market think-tank and a group of private equity bosses, claiming that tiresome and outdated laws on under-age sex were damaging the economy. The dead hand of regulation, it would say, was preventing firms from exploiting the lucrative market in teenage porn and prostitution. It would have contained some spurious statistics about how the economy would be boosted by abolishing the annoying red-tape covering under-age sex. I’d even thought of a name for my fictitious think-tank – The Free and Unfettered Competition Campaign (FUCC).

In the end I decided not to post it because I though it would be too cynical even for this blog.

And then I read this. Which, although it was posted on 1 April, wasn’t an April Fools’ joke.

What was that I was saying about some things in the business world being beyond parody?

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2 Responses to Financiers and pimps

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  2. rogerh says:

    Perhaps a free-thinking business person could set up Eassassin, you know , bids, offers, secure payments and fullfillment. It would liven up the political discourse.

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