Product? The product is YOU!

A couple of stories caught my eye last week. Google plans to consolidate all its data from its various sources to build up more detailed profiles of its users. Twitter and Facebook also faced criticism over the tracking of users’ accounts.

At the same time, the Sex Pistols announced a new record deal and a tour to celebrate the  35th anniversary of their first (and only) album.

All of which got me thinking……


(With apologies to Messrs Cook, Jones, Lydon and Matlock.)

So many products, that’s why you are here,
We know you ‘cos you’re all too clear,
All this time we’ve been watching you,
What did you expect us to do?

And now we’ve got to know everything you’ve seen,
Who you talk to and where you’ve been,
Are you lonely, or having fun?
We followed you from Day One.

Product? Product? Product?
The product is YOU!

Search all evening for some plastic tat,
You don’t get what you want but you still come back,
Yakking away to your new-found friends,
We’ll use it all for our own ends.

We’re making our cash from this human machine,
Billions of people living for the screen,
Are you happy, all needs catered?
We’ve got your life logged and dated!

Product? Product? Product?
The product is YOU!

What you gonna do?

The system’s so good now it’s all automatic
You won’t find us just staying static,
Every day we think of something new,
To make more money out of you.

Bet you thought you’d got it all for nowt,
You never stopped to think what we were about,
Bet you thought you’d got a free product,
But you ARE the product!

Product? Product? Product?
The product is YOU!

What you gonna do?


I’ll leave it to you

You got products,
What you gonna do?

We’ve had you followed night and day,
We took all your data and stored it away,
Chelsea fan, Treckie or sexual pervert,
It’s all recorded on our servers.

We’ve been watching everything you see,
I know you but you don’t know me,
It’s too late, there’s nothing you can do,
Cos we’ve got a product, the product is YOU!

Product? Product? Product?
The product is YOU!

What you gonna do?

Product, what you gonna do?

Product, I’ll leave it to you.

We have a product, it’s not our problem!

Product, product,
Product, product,

For those of you who don’t know the original:

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5 Responses to Product? The product is YOU!

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  2. Great stuff – to punk up your HR life mail me for a FREE copy of Punk Rock People Management – Business without all the HR bollocks – e-mail or get a print / kindle version at

    Goodbye A and MM er! ;-))


  3. Tony Allinson says:

    Excellent song and very much the conclusion I have been drawing recently.

    I left a demo of a product that mines SM feeds for sentiment about, whatever you like, earlier this week.

    I was impressed technically, but did remark that the vast majority of people on SM platforms are oblivious to how their friendly and seemingly free chatter is actually being analysed in a quite opaque way. In Feb, a marketing friend told me that all their campaigns have been running behind the scenes on SM for months, again assessing sentiment and directly contacting influencers before any visible campaign is launched.

    I do wonder if there will be a back lash when people realise.

  4. Simple HR says:

    RE: Tony Allison

    Your point is really interesting.

    Social CRM is something our clients are becoming more and more focused on and without decent tools it becomes really difficult to manage resource and governance.

    In terms of a back lash, from our experience, I actually think some customers / SM users enjoy being able to have such a renewed influence on companies as well as being able to communicate with them so publically.

    Naturally, some people don’t like having their online activities tracked – even if they put themselves in those arenas! – but I think any kind of mass back lash is a long way off, if at all.

  5. This is a really interesting concept. I think so many people don’t recognise that it’s their unique package of skills which makes them valuable to their companies. The don’t really understand what their own secret essence is and how to articulate that.

    This makes it hare for individuals to define their own value and if they can’t define their own value, how can anyone else?

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