Some interesting stuff I saw last week

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. (Yes, I know that’s on John Rentoul’s Banned List but screw him!) A hectic schedule was followed by a heavy cold, during which I was too busy to take any time off and which was then followed by a chest infection, which forced me to! Could there be a link? God knows but I’m gradually clawing my way back from zombie-land and hope to be blogging properly again next week.

In the meantime, here are a few interesting things I came across while lying around feeling sorry for myself:

Just how rational is the free-market right?

Why the eurozone crisis demonstrates that the nation state is no longer politically/economically viable.

Voters don’t give a monkey’s about the EU.

Employees are not our assets – we only borrow them for as long as they allow us to.

Is HR too much about the ‘R’, and not enough about the ‘H’?

Generation X Is Sick of Your Bullshit (Given the foul mood I was in last week, this really struck a chord!)

Is bad customer service a class thing?

Why leaders fail. (Corporate culture strikes again.)

The capitalist network that runs the world. (Though being part of it didn’t stop Lehman from going down the toilet.) 

What do the top 1% highest earners actually do?

Banks are not making as much from low interest rates as bank-bashers often claim.

Gordon Brown and Tim Worstall agree on the reason why UK banks are now stronger than those elsewhere in Europe. (Seems that some of the European ones have been pretending their dodgy loans are still worth what they used to be worth.)

If Greece were to account for its debt in the same way that banks do, Athens would now be flaunting a public sector surplus bigger than Norway’s.

Why Greece needs another bailout.

Women’s occupations in 1881. (Not sure I’d fancy being married to one of the four sword and bayonet makers.)

And I bet you’d forgotten there was a bank run in Mary Poppins, hadn’t you?

Well that should be enough to be going on with. Hopefully, I’ll be back with a proper post soon.

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