Two dates for your diary

First up, the next ConnectingHR unconference on Thursday 20 October. The theme will be
HR and the New World of Work – including such questions as: Are Jobs Obsolete? Are existing organisation models sustainable? Will the unskilled of today be the skilled of tomorrow?

Mervyn Dinnen has posted a preview of the unconference here. If you’ve never been to an unconference before, don’t worry, they’re just like conferences except without all the corporate paraphernalia. Have a look at the pictures and discussions here to get a flavour. To register for the ConnectingHR unconference, click here.

A couple of weeks later, on Thursday 3 November, comes the Rare Business Forum with the theme Business is Personal – and relationships are key:

We live in changing times. We live in times where the power of the consumer is rising and it is changing everything. We live in times where harnessing the power of relationships with our customers and our employees is becoming more and more key to our future growth and innovation.

The Rare Business Forum will feature a series of short TED style  sessions on this theme together with some space to discuss and network. Topics will include “What does being a leader mean in this new world?” and “Generation Z and the future of the talent pool.”

Again, no corporate paraphernalia and the discussions will be collated and produced as an e-book. To register for the Rare Business Forum, click here.

I will be at both events but please don’t let that put you off. See you there!

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