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Another slow day in small-town Britain

Victoria Wood’s comments on Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning will provoke a few angry letters. She has noticed, she says, that the audiences in the big provincial cities are quicker and more sophisticated than those in small towns and country areas. She … Continue reading

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News of the World staff may sue for stigma damages

During a corporate crisis, obscure little snippets of employment law often surface. It appears that employees of a company which falls into disrepute can claim for damages to their reputations. As the Lawyer explains: The case-law is clear. If senior employees systematically carry … Continue reading

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News of the World hacked phones but the cover-up was corporate

The last News of the World is out today. Rupert Murdoch hoped that, by closing the title, the phone hacking scandal would go away and his planned takeover of BSkyB could proceed without hinderance. If people believe News International’s claims that the bad … Continue reading

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Will ‘dismiss and re-engage’ be next season’s look?

Dismissal and re-engagement used to be one of those things we discussed at employment law seminars but nobody actually did. The law says that employers can, if they fail to get agreement from employees, impose new terms and conditions by … Continue reading

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Leaders create corporate cultures – newspapers are no different

As more phone hacking stories emerge, News International’s line that it was all down to rogue operators is looking less tenable by the hour. In the past few days, some of those involved have broken ranks and given us some revealing insights into the … Continue reading

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Public sector pensions – sooner or later the axe will fall

After yesterday’s industrial action, and the arguments about pensions, bloggers and journalists have been digging out John Hutton’s report from earlier this year. This chart seems to have come into its own at last, after passing almost without comment when the report was … Continue reading

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