Praise from Down Under

It might have been a crap week for Rupert Murdoch but it’s been a storming one for this blog. Wednesday’s post, in particular, attracted a lot of attention and was picked up in a number of other countries, notably those other major Murdoch fiefdoms; the USA and Australia.

My favourite comment came from someone called OzPol Tragic on this Australian blog:

Great coverage of the Murdoch scandal. I particularly enjoyed Murdoch’s Frankenstein, and interesting Hoist with his own petard analysis of Murdoch’s entrapment in a media frenzy of the type he himself created.

And, Bludgers, since we don’t get all that many chances to hang out in City of London’s gossip-filled pubs and lunchspots, you might also enjoy the blog itself (a British Business Blog) Flip Chart Fairy Tales its subjects Business Bullshit, Corporate Crap and other stuff from the World of Work, its Bloghounds and Blogroll.

The late C17 English newspaper/ scandal-sheet that went forth to conquer the free-press world has its origins in coffee houses (and pubs) which proliferated around The City, St Paul’s, the Inns-of-Court, business sector, Fleet Street and sleazy dives. Bless the Poms, they don’t change all that much over the centuries!

I have no idea what a bludger is but to be compared to the pamphleteers of the 17th century is praise indeed.

As it happens, I am often to be found in the pubs around the City, St Paul’s, the Inns-of-Court and Fleet Street. (Anyone interested in a guided pub crawl just drop me a line.) Did OzPol Tragic somehow know this or was it just an educated guess?

Talking of which, it’s that time on a Friday again.

Now, have I got everything? Keys, money, snuff-box, sword-stick, flintlock….. It’s off to ye tavern I go, Sir, for some fine ale and salacious gossip.

Thanks to OzPol, whoever he is, and to all those who have read the blog this week, both regulars and newcomers. Have a great weekend folks.

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2 Responses to Praise from Down Under

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  2. John Band says:

    As an Australian resident and would-be citizen, “bludger” is a person who doesn’t pay their fair go. So a gentleman who lives off the dole even though there are jobs is a “dole bludger”, whilst a gentleman who gets paid an enormous sum of money and runs away to America is “that cunt Murchoch, the bludger”.

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