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The NHS – still on track for that train crash

The government has revised its NHS reforms after accepting most of the recommendations from the NHS Future Forum. There is plenty of commentary on the detail of the changes (summarised here), most of it by people far better qualified to understand it than I am. … Continue reading

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Trade unions and the Big Society

Another prominent Conservative has joined John Redwood in support of trade unions. Harlow MP Robert Halfon reminds his fellow Tories that many union members vote Conservative and argues that unions are just the sort of little platoons that epitomise the Big Society: Unions are the very … Continue reading

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Should HR be the conscience of the organisation?

The idea that the HR function should be the conscience of the organisation has been around for a while. It came up in the comments on one of my recent posts and in this post from Neil Morrison last month. It is often … Continue reading

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The NHS sounds a warning for public services

A year into the Coalition’s term and the NHS is already starting to wobble. Its performance against key measures like waiting times has fallen and in April the King’s Fund warned that the service is unlikely to meet its 2011-12 productivity targets. The … Continue reading

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Coeur de Lion

Rob Jones wrote a piece about courage and cowardice earlier this week, noting that the only cowards we are prepared to forgive are fictitious ones and, even then, only Shaggy, Scooby Doo and Falstaff are held in any affection. But, as Kevin Ball … Continue reading

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Is Red Tape holding Britain back?

Allister Heath was banging on about Red Tape Britain yesterday, blaming bureaucracy for stifling growth. His piece is more of a frustrated rant than an argument and his solution, a parallel executive with permission to flout the law, is the sort of thing … Continue reading

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Never apologise, never explain

Today’s Observer carries a warning from top UK economists that the government’s policies will probably trash the economy. Patrick Osgood notes that some of them also signed the letter to the Sunday Times last year urging George Osborne to “eliminate the … Continue reading

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Commuting and the gender pay gap

From the figures in its most recent Labour Force Survey, the Office for National Statistics has found that people who commute longer distances tend to earn more than those who don’t. Well knock me down with a Boris Bike! Who’d a thought it, … Continue reading

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June Gloom ‘n’ Doom roundup

The first day of June is regarded by many as the first day of summer. Apart from those about to take exams, people tend to cheer up at this time of year. Yesterday, though, 1 June seemed more like national gloom ‘n’ … Continue reading

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So, HR manager, just who are you working for?

The Guardian’s work section carried an article ‘HR: your friend or your foe?‘ on its front page this weekend. It has already provoked a reaction from HR professionals, which is being tracked by XpertHR’s Michael Carty here. The author of the piece, Mark … Continue reading

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