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High Pay – are shareholders that bothered?

There’s plenty to chew over in the High Pay Commission’s Interim Report (and I will when I’ve got time) but one of its findings is that the pay of senior executives and other highly paid employees has risen significantly faster than … Continue reading

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Blog plug – Coppola Comment

If you are at all interested in finance and economics you should be reading Frances Coppola’s blog. Frances is a former banker turned singer and image consultant. Having been a banker she understands how the system works. As she is no … Continue reading

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Are employment rights and unions a drag on the UK’s economy?

Last week, in a speech to the Institute of Directors, George Osborne promised to get tough with the unions and trailed a far-reaching review of employment law, with the aim of reducing employment protection and other workers’ rights. Unions are … Continue reading

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A very confusing state

Karen Wise reflects, this morning, on why there is so much administrative aggro in public sector HR. As an illustrative example she discusses the issue of employee start dates in the NHS. It may come as a surprise to those outside the public sector … Continue reading

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Public sector reform hits the buffers

The pause in the government’s programme for the NHS is making the news at the moment but it seems that other public sector reforms have stalled too. Yesterday, Patrick Butler asked ‘Is it all over for local government reform?’ after a number of councils … Continue reading

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The Coalition’s first year

Bit busy at the moment, hence the lack of posts. However, I still had time to scrawl a few random thoughts and jaundiced views on the Coalition’s first year in government over at XpertHR. Thanks to Michael Carty for posting them.

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Where are the business intellectuals?

John Naughton named Britain’s top 300 intellectuals in yesterday’s Observer. He came up with the list based on contributions to “serious English-language print or online publications”. Looking through the names, the first thing that struck me was how few people from my world … Continue reading

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