Some new bloggers (well, new to me anyway)

Since I last did an update like this a number of new blogs have appeared on my radar.

Richard Blogger writes Conservative Policies Dissected. No prizes for guessing his political views but what I like about Richard’s blog, that is lacking from many of the political sites, is that he does some research to back up his arguments. I don’t always agree with him but at least we can have a sensible discussion. There are too many data-lite political polemicists in the blogosphere.

Pink Politika is a feminist who was ‘there’ in 1968 but didn’t burn her bra and worries that the 80s (well, actually, the 70s to 90s) will happen all over again. A couple of articles discuss what she calls de-governance, or the gradual withdrawal of the state from areas in which it has hitherto had an active and controlling role. Is this the result of a muddled government that doesn’t know what it is doing or is it a deliberate strategy?

Penny Neu is a PR consultant working mainly for public sector organisations. She says:

In theory this blog is about running a small communications business but it seems to have a mind of its own…

Hence this piece about the relationship between central and local government – “the best soap opera  in politics…..what happens when a government’s relationships with one of its key stakeholders disintegrates.”

Alison Chisnell is the HR Juggler – so-called because she has an HR job and twins. The first question she asks herself when someone invites her to connect on LinkedIn? “Have I sacked you for gross misconduct?” Gallows humour – the key to survival in HR!

Peter Hros calls himself an HR Beginner but he isn’t really. He may be a recent CIPD graduate but his profile indicates that he has been managing people for years. Here he blogs about having a bad day:

World is not always pink, and whoever pretends either in their life or on their blogs and websites that this is the case, is wrong and probably smokes something!

No fear of excessive optimism here at Flip Chart Fairy Tales, Peter!

Alison Ashford writes the Mindful Journal. Though I may come over as a miserable sod, I do think there is a lot to be said for counting your blessings. Alison poses three questions to ask at the end of the day which help you do just that.  

Onatrainagain is written by Emma P. She took up blogging because Theo the HRD told her to. Which is fair enough because no-one argues with curmudgeonly old gits like the HRD, apart, that is, from other curmudgeonly old gits like me. Here Emma talks about people who she hardly knows hugging and kissing her and how uncomfortable it makes her feel. When did we start doing this hugging and kissing stuff? Should we blame the Americans or our European neighbours? Whatever, it’s most un-British.

Ailsa Suttie is an HR Director who is about to become CEO of a new venture and she is telling the story of this transition at hrmetamorphosis. She describes becoming a CEO as going over to the dark side. It’s certainly going over to the scary side. Once you are CEO, you’re it. There is no-one to refer or defer to.

HRHopeful should go far – especially if she shortens her handle to HRH (somebody was going to make that cheap joke so it might as well be me). New to HR and to blogging, she writes They’re only humans…….. In this piece she talks about the I’ll-get-back-to-you-within-24-hours syndrome. It’s funny how people say that even when, as they are saying it, they know they won’t be able to. I call it learned disingenuousness and I think it is a survival trait in many organisations – but that’s for another day…

On the subject of blogs, two well-known commentators on management and economics have recently set up Twitter accounts. Management writer Simon Caulkin is @nikluac (it’s an anagram but it took me a while before I reaslied who it was!) and economist Chris Dillow is @CJFDillow. If you are on Twitter and you are not already following them I recommend that you do.

At the risk of sounding like a self-important arse, this blog now gets quite a lot of hits and the WordPress statistics thingy isn’t always that good at showing where they come from. Consequently, I don’t always see new links when they come in. If people link to Flip Chart Fairy Tales I always try to link back. (This applies only to proper bloggers; if you think I’m going to link back to your site selling crap that no-one wants, you can bugger off!) So, if you have linked to this blog and I haven’t linked back, please leave me a note in the comments box.

Thanks for reading and commenting and have a great weekend.

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8 Responses to Some new bloggers (well, new to me anyway)

  1. Ailsa says:

    Thank you so much for the support Rik!

  2. Rick,

    I check out your blog daily, it’s one of my favorites, and I have linked to your blog in my blogroll.

    I started blogging the day the Equality Act 2010 came into force, and blog mainly on equality and discrimination issues, although my interests are in the wider employment law sphere.

    Will definitely check out these new ones!

    Best wishes,

    Mrs Markleham

  3. HRbeginner says:

    Thank you for mention and good job promoting the other HR blogging newbies. Will check out the ones I’ve missed.
    Thanks again

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  5. A great smattering of new blogs here Rick, thanks for doing the round up. And thanks for including mine – I really appreciate it!

    I must confess that I own my very own flip chart. Will I be shunned? Although I guarantee I only write wise and meaningful things on it 🙂

  6. onatrainagain says:

    Thanks for the mention in your blog! I aim to find some more time to read yours now that I’ve discovered it. Still very new to this blogging lark!

  7. PinkPolitika says:

    Rick, many thanks for the mention above, much appreciated.

    I linked (Blogroll listing) to FCFT as soon as I set up my own blog (‘Strictly Politically’ – it’s a WordPress website) , so a connection from your end too would be great, if you would like that.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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