HR and Social Media Event – West London, 27 January

Jon Ingham will be running an interactive session on HR and Social Media for the West London CIPD branch later this month. Jon, as many of you will know, is an HR consultant, a former HR manager and an enthusiastic advocate of social media. Together with Gareth Jones, he has been the main mover behind the ConnectingHR community, the HR Unconference and the London HR Tweetups.

Jon will be leading a discussion on HR’s use of social media and the role HR can play in supporting the business to use social media effectively. This session will be interactive, with people encouraged to get onto Twitter during the session and to contribute to a new blog summarising learning from the session. So if you are a social media virgin or a complete Twitter or blogging addict, there will be something for you here.

Social media is something that all HR managers need to understand. It will change the way people communicate, work together and build relationships. Even if the thought of going onto Facebook or Twitter fills you with horror you still need to know about this stuff and have some awareness of how it works, how people are using it and its role in social and organisational change. This session is a good place to start doing that.

The event is free to all CIPD members, regardless of whether or not you are in the West London Branch. Time, place and booking instructions are here.

The Twitter hashtag is #CIPDWL20.

See you there!

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