Away overseas

I’m off overseas for a few days. (Does anyone else apart from the British say ‘overseas’?)

Some good stuff on the Irish debacle from  Mary-Anne Sieghart, Chris Farrell, Lisa O’Carroll and John Naughton.

I liked this from the Redundant Public Servant too:

The civil servant represents the Roman view of the world. Order, planning, direction. The councillor in contrast is the celt whose dreams are swirls and curves. Bureaucratic accountability against local people taking control over their lives back with complete freedom to do anything or nothing about the problems that surround them.

It feels increasingly to me that an old world is passing quickly now.

And with it, perhaps, public servants who can draw such powerful historical analogies.

See you next week.

Now, must dig out my pith helmet…..

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3 Responses to Away overseas

  1. Doug Shaw says:

    Toodle Pip! (That beats overseas in colonial Top Trumps)

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  3. john b says:

    I can confirm that both for geographical and historical reasons, Australians are very fond of “overseas” to mean “abroad”.

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