Why efficiency savings won’t save us from frontline cuts

Was anyone surprised when the House of Commons public accounts committee found that only £6bn of the promised £35bn government efficiency savings had been delivered? Well, I have to admit that I was surprised but only by the fact that the MPs seemed surprised!

The MPs’ suggested solution is for the Treasury to take control, assuming full responsibility for delivering the efficiency savings and, where necessary, intervening in those recalcitrant parts of the public sector to make them get their fingers out.

This makes them sound, y’know, kinda square. Central control is so mid-2000s. Localism is where it’s at now, daddio! You just cut budgets and let people get on with it.

Will that make the public sector more efficient? Well that rather depends on how good the people running the show in your part of the country are.

More on this over at the Guardian Cuts Blog.

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2 Responses to Why efficiency savings won’t save us from frontline cuts

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  2. Rick, maybe you like me sort-of doubt that the MPs are truly surprised…. I think they were pretending, and crossing their fingers, till the blasts of reality were too much to bear. Surely they can’t in truth have been quite so daft?

    But that’s only part of the story, as you’ll also know. Is it OK if I mention my own most recent blog, by way of sharing a serious underlying concern? ….

    We all tend to count jobs lost, and that’s critical to everything else, but it’s not the end of the story.

    Real knowledge and skills lost is a much more difficult thing to measure – and without knowing the generic fundamentals, no amount of localism, however cuddly, will ever take us anywhere.

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