A funny thing happened…..

A funny thing happened earlier this week.

I was working with some financial services folk up in the City. We were writing stuff on those big post-it notes and sticking them up on the wall. I peeled off a post-it and there, sandwiched into the pack, was a crisp new fiver.

How the hell did it get there? It couldn’t have just slipped in as someone was carrying the post-its in a bag because there were no signs of the pack being crumpled. It must have been put in there deliberately, though not by anyone in the group I was working with. They were as surprised as I was when it popped out.

Perhaps someone put the fiver into the pack to see how honest the facilitator was. I doubt it though because most of the people there knew me and, if they were going to play a trick, would probably have come up with something more inventive than that.

Maybe the post-it pack had been used in some sort of management game where money was placed in between the notes as some kind of reward. Again, though, I can’t see the people I was working with indulging in something like that.

Or could it be that someone is just placing fivers in post-it notes for the hell of it?

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6 Responses to A funny thing happened…..

  1. Doug Shaw says:

    I’ve noticed the gluey stuff they use on these post it note things has a rather more, hypnotic smell about it these days. Just saying…

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  3. Rick says:

    No, really, it happened…….

    And, no, I hadn’t been drinking. It was only 10.30 in the morning.

  4. Doug Shaw says:

    Weird happenings eh? Our loo sink cracked clean in two right in front of me a while back. Didn’t touch it, no warning nothing. Stone cold sober. Could barely believe it then, still struggling with it now. If it had happened to Mrs Snoop or junior, I probably would’ve said, “yeah, and I read about a guy found a fiver in a pack of post its…get real.”

    Maybe someone at post it HQ has developed a cash laundering scam and you’ve rumbled it?

  5. Rick says:

    Talking of more weird shit, my house has been flooded. We’ve had worse downpours before. No idea why this one turned my back garden into a swimming pool.

    • Doug Shaw says:

      Poop. That is weird, I hope everything dries out OK. By way of keeping the weird flag a flyin’ the floody thing happened to us in 2007, day we got back from a family holiday in Italy. Mega downpour. We live at the top of a hill but the storm drains just couldnae handle it and bingo, our garage had six inches of water in it before you could say Noah.

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