The return of The Apprentice

As inevitable as the clocks going back and those interminable M&S adverts, the dark nights will feature another series of The Apprentice. 

The candidates’ profiles, for what they are worth, are already up on the BBC website. Alas, we will never know how much truth there is in their statements. It’s not until the penultimate episode that their CVs get ripped apart and revealed as works of pure fantasy or, at best, wishful interpretations of the truth. By that time, there will only be four candidates left which means that most of them will leave the show with their back-stories intact.

This years crop apparently includes two investment bankers. Why would investment bankers compete for a £100,000 a year job? That would just about cover an average trader’s annual bar bill. Then there are those who claim to have set up and run successful businesses. Surely if you had done that once there would be enough people around willing to invest in your next venture. Why would you want to go and work for Alan Sugar when you could be running your own show?

The Apprentice is good car-crash telly; after a hard day at work there is something therapeutic about watching other people mess up. That said, it’s starting to look a bit tired now.

The series is about as representative of the modern business world as Waterloo Road is of the education system. It’s entertainment, pure and simple, but the novelty and excitement of the original series has long-since worn off.

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2 Responses to The return of The Apprentice

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  2. the series is a good laugh, but some of the candidates are dumb. seems to me they are bunched of laid offs who’s got nothing better to do.

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