Laughing as the storm clouds gather

If you haven’t been following Martin Rowson’s series of political cartoons in the Guardian, you should. They depict David Cameron as a rich Victorian child, Nick Clegg as his Pinocchio puppet and George Osborne as his sneering butler. There is usually a smiling fat cat in a pin-striped suit too.

Like the cartoons of the old master Carl Giles, each time you look at them you see something new. This weekend’s is a masterpiece. The first time I saw it a laughed at the stuff going on in the foreground. When I looked at it again, I cracked up as I noticed the storm clouds on the horizon and the derelict pier with the words ‘Big Society’ over the entrance.

I don’t know why I’m laughing because it’s not funny. But that’s the secret of a good political cartoonist. He can make you laugh even as you stare into the abyss.

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