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Lansley’s reforms fail to answer the exam question

A week on and, with the odd exception, no-one outside the government has a good word to say about Andrew Lansley’s NHS reform proposals. Criticism comes from right and left, ranging from the philosophical (Can you really liberate state-funding from the … Continue reading

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Whack Your Boss

Bit late for a weekend funny but, as with all the best stuff on the interweb,  I came across Whack Your Boss when I was looking for something else. It’s called Don’t Whack Your Boss now, presumably for fear of lawsuits from the … Continue reading

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Goldman gets away with it

Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay a fine of $550 million to settle fraud charges brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This means that the bank will avoid a court case so we will never know whether they really did dupe investors into … Continue reading

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Maude fires first shot in the battle with civil service unions

Today, the government introduced its legislation to drastically reduce the size of civil service redundancy payouts. The bill is expected to be passed in October. The government then plans to exercise powers that would allow the bill to become law immediately, without … Continue reading

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HR will be around for a while yet

Martin Couzins puts all that HR self-doubt into perspective by looking back at the occurrences of HR-is-finished scares. They seem to be getting more frequent, having gone from once every four years at the beginning of the decade to pretty much an annual event … Continue reading

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An interview with Andrew Lansley

By Father Dougal McGuire: Sure that was a great speech yesterday Andy. Glad you think so. After all this is the most radical shake up of the NHS since the 1940s. Sure it is, and I bet all the doctors are chuffed that … Continue reading

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The biggest HR project since the 1940s

A great post from Karen Wise recounts a conversation she had with a senior HR manager in the civil service who is trying to prepare her organisation for spending cuts of somewhere between twenty-five and forty percent. Among the challenges she … Continue reading

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As the details of the cuts become clear the opposition will grow

A couple of articles in today’s Observer point out that the spending cuts are, for the most part, still in the abstract. In a piece which dwells perhaps a little too much on sadomasochism, Nick Cohen notes: The almost hallucinatory atmosphere in Britain, … Continue reading

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The government’s public spending strategy – contradictory and incoherent

Two fiascos last week gave the impression that the government has not properly thought through its programme of spending cuts. The confusion over school building programmes was widely reported but the planned changes to the civil service redundancy scheme showed a lack … Continue reading

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The SHRM conference – HR self-doubt and other familiar themes

Michael Carty has a round-up of comments from the SHRM conference (the US equivalent of our CIPD conference) in San Diego. The event might be an ocean and a continent away but the reports have a ring of familiarity about them. The prevailing … Continue reading

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