Whack Your Boss

Bit late for a weekend funny but, as with all the best stuff on the interweb,  I came across Whack Your Boss when I was looking for something else. It’s called Don’t Whack Your Boss now, presumably for fear of lawsuits from the families of bosses who have been whacked. The cartoon is American and this is, after all, the country where Judas Priest got sued for ‘making’ two teenagers commit suicide.

In this game, the boss comes into the hapless employee’s office droning on about how the firm is being downsized, how it will be dog-eat-dog from now on, how the employee is failing to meet his targets, how his pay is going to be cut, how he will have to work ever longer hours to even have a hope of surviving and how he is about this far from being fired. Your job is to find the twenty everyday pieces of office equipment with which the employee can beat the crap out of his boss.

Go on, have a go; you know you want to.

(Disclaimer: This post was written as a joke. Flip Chart Fairy Tales accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained by bosses as a result of their team members putting any of these ideas into practice. We wish to make it clear that, while it might seem extremely funny at the time, beating your boss with a wastebin or trapping his head in a filing cabinet could lead to life-threatening injuries for the boss and a long custodial sentence for the perpetrator.)

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