HR will be around for a while yet

Martin Couzins puts all that HR self-doubt into perspective by looking back at the occurrences of HR-is-finished scares. They seem to be getting more frequent, having gone from once every four years at the beginning of the decade to pretty much an annual event nowadays. The interweb has probably helped speed up this process because now British HR professionals can join in with the post-SHRM angst and their US colleagues can participate in the post CIPD gloom-fest later this year. HR-has-had-it stories will, presumably, soon become biannual.

Of course, none of this means that HR is really going to disappear, at least not any time soon. For the reasons I gave at the end of this post, HR will be a feature of most organisations for a while yet.

What is certainly beyond all reasonable doubt is that there will be HR professionals in the public sector for the forseeable future. As I said on Monday, the scale of the change in the public sector and its people management implications are absolutely bloody massive. If Andrew Lansley’s proposed NHS reforms are anything to go by, public sector change will not be done and dusted by the next election. There will be careers for good HR people in the public sector for at least the next decade.

So if you’re one of these people who hates HR, tough shit! Rumours of its demise have been exaggerated.

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2 Responses to HR will be around for a while yet

  1. Well said, Rick, and thanks for following up on this. If you take time to root around the interwebs you will probably find more HR-is-finished type stories. As you say, there is still (and will continue to be) plenty, plenty more to do for HR professionals in both the public and private sectors. The scale of proposed change in the public sector is eye-watering and HR pros will have a key role in making it a success.

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