Social Innovation is the new Rave

I said a couple of days ago that there was something zeitgeisty about the idea of innovation in public services. As if to prove my point, via Patrick Butler’s blog, I found this post by Adil Abrar drawing parallels between social innovation and the rave culture of the late 1980s. Social innovation, he says, is the new Rave.

What I genuinely liked best about dance music was the sheer diversity of people coming together. There were blokes off the football terraces, students, Townies, Skaters, Crusty Anarchists, posh kids, bored suburban kids all coming together in one place. It was amazing bumping into all these different folk, which is kind of the thing I get off on in this social world too. At this morning’s conference, there was a landscape architect designing spaces for people with dementia, entrepreneurs, huge multinational tech companies, community groups, people from Whitehall, academics, user experience types…you should have been there. It was a proper mash-up. Ahem.

Adil’s blog is going straight onto the sidebar, but not without a word of warning to its author. If young Adil keeps making quips about not really remembering Acid House and knowing only what he has read in his history books, someone is going to take him outside and give him a good slap!

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