It’s an ill wind that blows no cash to IT consultants

Remember the Conservatives promising to scrap government IT projects?

Well this should cheer the IT consultants up:

Systems will have to be redesigned and reports written to ensure the information can be extracted from finance systems, and this has to be done not only in an automated fashion, but also in a way that ensures sensitive data does not inadvertently get published.

There are other issues that need to be dealt with.  For example, I am aware of organisations that have outsourced their IT and are now finding it difficult to easily extract the data they want from externally managed systems, either because of the cost, or because they no longer have the in-house skills.

It is also arguably going to be harder for larger organisations despite the fact they have resources to deploy, given the volume of transactions and data that they manage.  Some of this pain and cost can be ameliorated if pressure is brought to bear on suppliers to develop standard reporting routines from common systems (eg. SAP and Oracle), that automatically extract the data required in the right format.

System redesign, building new reports, integrating data from a range of diverse systems, complex security issues and, best of all, lots of it will have to be done with SAP and Oracle.

And they don’t have the skills to do it in-house! Whoopeeee!!

Is that the sound of cheering and clinked glasses wafting over from the offices of those IT consultancies?

Hat Tip: Patrick Butler

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