Sharon Shoesmith – judgement expected today

The High Court is due to give its judgement on Sharon Shoesmith’s dismissal today. Unfortunately, I shall be out of the country when it does.

When I first questioned the soundness of Ms Shoesmith’s sacking and Ofsted’s sudden volte-face, the media witch-hunt was still in full flight. I was in a very small minority of bloggers and commentators who said ‘Hang on a minute…..’

Since then, the hysteria subsided enough to allow a more sober examination of the evidence. Even some of the newspapers who called for Sharon Shoesmith’s head have been more balanced in their reporting of the case.

I was beginning to worry that the judgement would be postponed until after the election, which would have let Ed Balls off the hook. It now looks as though the whole sorry mess will be laid bare and he will have some tough questions to answer.

I shall be interested to see what the judge says this afternoon although I probably won’t be able to post much online about it. If the case goes as I think it will, at least you will be spared one of those annoying I-told-you-so posts from Rick.

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One Response to Sharon Shoesmith – judgement expected today

  1. Rick says:

    Just seen the news. I’m bleedin’ astonished!

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