Eat as much management-speak as you can

This made me laugh earlier today. The HRD is having a rant about ‘unlocking potential’:

“Unlocking potential” must be right up there with “people are our greatest asset”, “the war for talent” and “employer branding” as one of the largest pieces of yawny bollocks spouted in the world of business.  The words sound great, like “eat as much as you can” but the reality is always a somewhat less appealing glutenous mass and generally ends up as a pile of shit.

I sometimes go to these ‘eat as much as you can’ restaurants too, usually when I’ve had so much to drink that I don’t care what they serve up. Unfortunately, you can’t do that at management events where people spout yawny bollocks.

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3 Responses to Eat as much management-speak as you can

  1. thehrd says:

    Although having too much to drink is the only way to get through management events…….

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Dan Blue says:

    One I heard recently at work was “forward-predict”. Because, you know, most predictions are about the past…

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks for that Dan – I love it!

    I will try to get ‘forward-predict’ into my next meeting. Perhaps I should link it to ‘horizon-scanning’. Whaddya reckon?

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