Psst! Anyone want to buy an HR department?

According to the Daily Mail:

Huge swathes of the Civil Service would be privatised under radical plans being considered inside the Treasury.

Administrative functions across Whitehall, such as pay and human resources, would be hived off into new ‘public service companies’ that would then be floated in popular mass share sales.

An estimated 30,000 jobs would be shifted into these specially created corporate entities.

There is some logic in consolidating government back office services, as recommended by the Treasury’s Operational Efficiency Programme. An outsourcing deal with a private sector partner, in which any savings would be split with the government, might also work.

But a Tell Sid style privatisation?

Would you buy shares in a government HR department?

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One Response to Psst! Anyone want to buy an HR department?

  1. CherryPie says:

    That seems a little odd! We don’t have an HR department anymore, it is now a call centre which doesn’t work!!!

    So which function are they talking about?

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