The Bloody Apprentice

This is funny. Well it made me laugh anyway.

Cassette Boy produced this spoof of The Apprentice by splicing together clips from 43 episodes. Listen through headphones if you’re at work!

Hat Tip: Guru

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1 Response to The Bloody Apprentice

  1. Revelation says:

    According to the runner-up, Kate Walsh, Sir Alan Sugar wanted to hire her too but BBC red tape wouldn’t let him. Those nasty bureaucrats.

    In the post-final review show, ‘You’re Fired’, Adrian Chiles interviewed Sir Alan about his decision, and about his thoughts on Kate. Now I don’t recall his exact words, but they were something like this:

    ‘Kate will be fine, I have no concerns about Kate, and I’ve given her my private email address and my phone number and told her that she can call me 24/7 if she needs any advice’

    24/7? How nice for her. Honestly, Sir Alan, if you do want to give out your private contact details to young girls, don’t announce the fact on live national TV.

    And don’t forget that Kate had a brief romance with one of the other contestants, just to make sure that she was the cat amongst the pigeons in the penthouse.

    As Adrian Chiles says in his blog, “she wasn’t mourning for him once he’d left, was she?”.

    So what does Kate get out of being runner-up? Maximum publicity, Sir Alan Sugar’s private email address and of course she doesn’t actually have to work for him (as the winner does). All of the benefits of being on the show with none of the downsides.

    I’m not saying she threw it, just that every cloud has a sugared lining.

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