Who will be first to call in sick with ‘swine flu’?

I have deliberately avoided reading too many articles about swine flu in the newspapers. Most of it is hysterical rubbish. I prefer, instead, to read the doctor blogs. They’re much more fun.

Dr Crippen is in today’s Guardian politely suggesting that we should get things into perspective.

He’s a little less diplomatic on his blog, with a series of posts on swine flu hysteria. This bit made me laugh:

There is not much evidence that masks are of great value in warding off that nasty swine flu. But, like that Vick’s vapourizer in the bedroom, it makes you feel you are doing something positive. It will be fun seeing who starts wearing them.  There’s a good party game. Try to predict who, amongst your friends, will be the first to appear in a mask. 

HR managers could find an interesting variation on this theme. Who will be the first in your organisation to call in sick with ‘swine flu’? You can have hours of fun trying to predict who, from among all the lead-swingers and habitual sickies, will be first to see the opportunity in this latest ‘epidemic’?

If anyone has a swine flu sickie in their company, I’d love to hear about it.

A new interpretation of an old poster, nicked from Dr Rant.

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