Protesters smash up a branch of RBS

I know people are angry with the banks, especially RBS, but is trashing their buildings really going to do any good?

Perhaps the people who attacked an empty RBS office on Threadneedle Street had forgotten that we, the people, now effectively own a large slice of this bank. Those are my chairs those bozos smashed up and that’s my printer they just chucked out of the window.

Mind you, the twats who are leaning out of office windows waving tenners at the protesters want a good spanking too.

Idiots all.

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10 Responses to Protesters smash up a branch of RBS

  1. morris says:

    haven’t seen it on tv etc. But I’d suspect it is a paid for staged op …

  2. I thought Morris was paranoid till I accessed this picture via his site. Check the number of photographers watching the windows being smashed. It doesn’t mean they were paid tho’ – but it does suggest it was co-ordinated with the media.

  3. Rick says:

    Yeah, the media paying people to smash up banks is a bit too far into fantasy land for my liking. I’m prepared to believe that whoever did it called all the photographers over first though. There were certainly enough of them about.

  4. Or possibly the media egged them on ?

  5. Rick says:

    Mmmm. Possibly.

    They looked like they didn’t need much egging on though.

  6. Not sure about that Rick: all the twittering and general interwebby coverage I’m picking up from people actually there is that it is, in very large part, an entirely peaceful carnival atmosphere (or at least was until a police charge or two according to some such as George Monbiot.)

    Which isn’t, of course, to deny that a handful of anarchist nutters might be there with a pre-set agenda as well of course. But something deep inside tells me that the Mail had a pre-set agenda as well- to get a headline like this It’s interesting to compare the perspective in the tow photos….

    But , tell

  7. lettrist says:


    I doubt anyone called the photographers over. The media are always screening protests for what they would consider the most militant elements of the crowd. That’s why nearly all of them are surrounding the person who is shown throwing the items around.

    I know of this first hand because I was a media correspondent at the Republican National Convention in the US last year, and I know what we the media are looking for.

  8. jonathan says:

    I wonder why the G20 summit HAD to start so early in the morning? It was live on TV at 7:15. Is it to keep yesterdays events off the morning news?

  9. CherryPie says:

    I think that is an appalling way to behave. There are much better/intelligent ways of getting a message across.

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