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Investment banks and prostitutes

In a speech last night, Mervyn King discussed the separation of retail and investment banking;  a British version of the American Glass-Steagall Act. A random thought occurred to me. Retail banks have customers, like most other businesses. Investment banks, though, have clients, like … Continue reading

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Reality bites equal pay

What a difference half-a-year makes. Only recently, the political consensus seemed to be that the government should take action over equal pay, where necessary compelling firms to carry out audits and make the required pay adjustments. If anything, the Conservatives were ahead … Continue reading

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Sharon Shoesmith ups the stakes

Anyone who thought Sharon Shoesmith was going to go quietly was seriously mistaken. She is throwing everything she can at Haringey council and Ed Balls. As well as an unfair dismissal claim and a judicial review, she has added an … Continue reading

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No foreign graduates for Bank of America

Could this be the start of a trend? Bank of America has withdrawn offers to foreign graduates of American business schools. According to the terms of the bank’s $45bn bailout, it is not allowed to recruit anyone requiring an immigrant … Continue reading

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Sharon Shoesmith lodges her tribunal claim

I’ve been wondering when this would happen. Sharon Shoesmith’s ET1 has finally landed on the desk of her former boss at Haringey Council. As I said when she was sacked, I think she’s got a good chance of winning and nothing I’ve read … Continue reading

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Lloyds, HBOS and the glory of battle

Now that Lloyds has gone cap-in-hand for a bailout, along with most of the other banks, the Conservatives and their allies in the media are attempting to pin the blame on the government. I suppose they have to do that; it’s their … Continue reading

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Why there won’t be a US-China trade war

There is a lot of panic in the press about American protectionism but one country the US won’t be putting up trade barriers against is China. As Richard Wachman says in today’s Observer, the relationship between the two countries is an economic … Continue reading

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Blog Birthday

I nearly forgot; it was this blog’s second birthday on Monday. Yes, folks, I have been turning out this rubbish for two years now. When I started Flip Chart Fairy Tales I envisioned it as a gentle piss-take of organisational … Continue reading

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The writing is on the wall for the public sector

Via Stumbling and Mumbling I discovered a series of posts on public service reform by RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor. He quotes the Audit Commission’s Steve Bundred: Tax increases and spending cuts are inevitable immediately after the election…. …any managers of … Continue reading

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Fred Goodwin will keep his pension

I’m no pensions expert but I have friends who are. Believe it or not, actuaries can be quite interesting people when you get to know them. My rigorous research over the past few days (buying pints for a couple of pensions wonks … Continue reading

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