G20 protesters produce map of terror

Well, OK that was just a Daily Mail style headline designed to get a few cheap hits. I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar headline appears in the newspapers before the end of the day though.

One of the groups planning protests for tomorrow and Thursday has produced a map of potential targets. Squaring up to the Square Mile shows the offices of banks, lawyers, accountants, energy companies and other temples of corporate capitalism.  I particularly like the symbol for investment banks; a fat pig lying on its back.

Some newspapers are already getting into a lather about this map. The Daily Mail doesn’t seem to have picked it up yet. Can’t wait until it does!

But it is simply an updated version of one that was produced for the 1999 protests. That’s why the map contains a few howlers, like the Stock Exchange still shown on Threadneedle Street, where it hasn’t been for nearly five years.

And, of course, it tells us nothing about if and when any of these institutions will be the target of protests. My guess is that the protesters have released this map just to up the ante. Still, it adds to the fun doesn’t it?

Update:The crap headline worked. This blog has just broken its hit rate record. Strange that no-one’s leaving comments though.

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2 Responses to G20 protesters produce map of terror

  1. morris says:

    I don’t know your blog, but I also broke a blogging record, due to G20 posts.

  2. Wolfie says:

    I think it’s a bit like the people who watch Formula One simply in the hope that there will be a dramatic crash during the race. Certainly the “protester” jokes are coming thick and fast in the office today but I’ve seen nothing but police so far.

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