Slumdog Millionaire and British innovation

We British like to think we are an innovative people. Innovation, though, comes in many forms and the film Slumdog Millionaire is a good example.

Britain is uniquely placed in the world, having historical, cultural and family ties with Europe, America, India and parts of the Far-East and Africa. In the production of Slumdog Millionaire, British film producers used their connections with India and the USA to make the bridge between the two. Based on an Indian novel, produced and scripted by British people, with a British director, an Indian co-director and a lead actor born in London of Indian parents, the film epitomises today’s relationship between the two countries.

But, while the cultural ties with India produced a great film, the producers’ connections in the USA, although strained at times, took it to the Oscars and prevented it going straight to DVD.

It is unlikely that a film company from any other country in the world could have taken Bollywood to Hollywood in quite the same way.

Innovation isn’t always about new inventions or technological breakthroughs. It can also come from finding new ways of using your existing skills and relationships. Companies that can do this will reap substantial rewards.

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1 Response to Slumdog Millionaire and British innovation

  1. Vgossip says:

    i agree with the writer…Slumdog got its share due to some really out of the box thinking on directors part.

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