Newly discovered HR blogs

The latest HR Carnival is up at Jon Ingham’s place and in it are a couple of British HR blogs I hadn’t come across.

HR with Balls is written by a bloke (I think it’s a bloke. The language is certainly bloke-ish) who has been in HR for around the same length of time as I have. The balls he refers to are, presumably, those that hang between your legs, used as a metaphor for courage. At least I hope so, because HR with Balls would be a really stupid title for a blog, given that he clearly knows sod all about it. Whatever the meaning behind the title, HR with Balls has picked a scrap with Nick Higgins. So far, Nick hasn’t replied, which is a pity because there’s nothing like a good punch-up to liven up the blogosphere.

Nick Jefferson has just started his blog, so hopefully, the links he’s getting will encourage him to keep going. He’s clearly never worked in an investment bank though. His kick-off post asks why HR practitioners in the banks didn’t do more to change the aggressive bonus culture that proved to be their undoing. The answer is simple. As I said last year, trying to challenge a deep-rooted, long-standing, industry-wide culture from a relatively weak political position would have been career suicide. While everyone was making money, no-one would have listened anyway.

By following links, I came across a couple more blogs.

The Blunter Headhunter does pretty much what it says on the tin. He’s a headhunter. And he’s blunt. Here’s his brand statement:

A candidate-hating, client-loathing disgrace to the recruitment industry, building on a continuing history of swearing, inflexibility and a total-lack of professionalism.

Go on, hire him for your next exec search. It will be much more fun.

I’m not sure if HR Good Witch is UK based or not. The spellings and some of the language she uses look British but she doesn’t actually say where she’s located. Wherever it is, it all happens at her place. From transsexual senior executives to workplace sex scandals, there’s never a dull moment.

These new discoveries will all be going onto the blogroll.

If you have a UK-based HR blog that isn’t on the sidebar, drop me a line and we can exchange links.

Have a good weekend folks.

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4 Responses to Newly discovered HR blogs

  1. Rick,

    Thanks so much for finding me! I’m honoured!

  2. Ballbag says:

    I’m also honoured. Mentions are always good. Not sure about the connection to Mr Balls though. Like the blog, it will find a reciprocal place on my blogroll.

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks to you both. You’re now on the sidebar.

  4. there are so many hr blogs out there now, but I’m sticking the the most fresh and updated blogs, your blogroll is pretty good!

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