Spitting at bank cashiers won’t solve anything

The trouble with tabloid-led hysteria is that some of the more ignorant people in our society seem to think it gives them a legitimate pretext for rude and violent behaviour.

Whatever you think of Sharon Shoesmith, there is no excuse for making death threats against her and her daughter. Likewise, however angry you are about the mess RBS and other banks have dragged us into, there can be no justification for walking into your local branch and spitting at the cashier.

We’re all angry about the recession, the destruction of our savings and the big bonuses being paid to the perpetrators but, as Wolfie says, most of the people who work for banks, and many of those who work in the City and at Canary Wharf, are not the big cheeses with the big rewards. Many work in clerical, support and IT services and don’t earn much more than they would if they worked in other sectors. They are just as much victims of this financial crisis as the rest of us.

However annoyed you are, abusing the staff at your local bank is an idiotic and pointless response.

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2 Responses to Spitting at bank cashiers won’t solve anything

  1. You are so right. “Shooting the messenger” doesn’t do any good. People need to funnel their energy into things they can control that will bring positive results.

  2. Jo Jordan says:

    Tis true.

    Tell me, you may know. Isn’t there a provision in UK employement law for employees to ask to see the books. If 10% of employees ask?

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