IBM offers to relocate redundant staff to India

According to a report in IT newspaper InformationWeek, IBM is offering to relocate staff it has laid off in the US to jobs in India, China, Brazil and Nigeria. There’s a catch though. They will be paid local wages.

Over the past fifteen years or so, the Gap Year tradition has developed among the gilded youth of western nations. This often involves going to poor countries and working for a pittance, so you can party with other backpackers, see the sights and have something interesting to put on your CV, all on the pretext of doing something socially useful.

But for these IBM employees, what was once an indulgence is now looking like a career necessity. Companies like IBM and Accenture now employ more people in India than they do in the USA and, while the numbers employed in western countries are shrinking, recruitment in India and China is booming.

Could it be that, for future generations of graduates from European and North American universities, a few years in India or Brazil will be a prerequisite for a high flying career, rather than a youthful dalliance?

Hat Tip: Wolfie in this comment thread.

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