The incredible shrinking banks

This handy little picture, apparently compiled by JP Morgan, shows how the market value of some of the world’s largest banks has collapsed in less than two years.


You’ll need to click on it to read it properly.

It reminds me of the way balloons shrink. A couple of days after the party, the once big and bright balloons are reduced to sad shrivelled up bits of plastic, hanging off the wall and reminding you of your hangover and all the daft things you did when you were drunk.

And the party is well and truly over now.

Hat Tip: Free Market Fairy Tales (no relation) via Charlie McMenamin.

Update: David Kaplan has re-drawn this graphic using the area of the circle rather than the radius to reflect the bank’s market value. This is, as he says, a more accurate way of representing the information. It makes it look slightly less bad. But not much.


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