Haringey throws out Shoesmith’s appeal

News just in. Haringey has rejected Sharon Shoesmith’s appeal against her dismissal.

That is not at all surprising. As I said when Ms Shoesmith was sacked, the council’s bosses probably knew that that they were likely to face an unfair dismissal claim but decided that dismissing her without pay was worth the risk. Had had they given her contractual notice and severance pay, they would have been savaged by the tabloids. No doubt they threw out her internal appeal for the same reason.

Sharon Shoesmith will almost certainly now take her case to an employment tribunal where, I reckon, she is in with a good chance of winning. She is being represented by Beachcroft’s Tony Child, described by Chambers as “a local government legend“.

Commenting on Ms Shoesmith’s failed appeal, the Daily Mail said:

The former teacher and schools inspector must now decide if she is willing to face a potentially humiliating employment tribunal, which would be heard in public.

Potentially humiliating for whom? Sharon Shoesmith has already been vilified and will probably never work again. She has very little to lose.  More likely to end up looking stupid are Haringey council and the government when the entire children’s social services system is held up to public scrutiny in an open court.

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