Talking sales with Jeremy and Geoff

Yesterday, I went to one of Jeremy Jacobs’s seminars. The subject was the thorny issue of selling and the fact that most of us are crap at it. OK, Jeremy didn’t exactly say that; he’s far too polite. But when we did some simple selling exercises, it’s fair to say that many people in the room felt uncomfortable. We have this very British reserve that makes us feel reticent about approaching people and asking them for business.

For me, the most interesting thing about the session was that I sort of knew a lot of it already, yet I still didn’t do it. Like managing performance, selling is another one of those business activities that is simple but not easy. The theory might be straightforward but when we try and do it, all our hangups get in the way.

That’s where Jeremy comes in. He and his guest speaker Geoff Burch not only gave me some hints and tips but also inspired me to actually go away and do something different. It seems to be working too because I’ve tried some of their suggestions today.

You may have heard of Geoff from his current BBC2 series. He is very funny but he makes some serious points too. Here are some of his musings on sales.

A big Thank You to Jeremy for inviting me along yesterday. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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  1. Thanks for the feedback Rick

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