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Economists are crap says the Queen

OK, she didn’t actually say that but she came as close as Royal protocol would allow. On a tour of the London School of Economics she asked Professor Luis Garicano why, given the enormity of the financial crisis, did none … Continue reading

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Tories promise to reform employment law

Tory MP Alan Duncan has told Personnel Today that a Conservative government would reform and simplify British employment law. One proposal is to award costs against employees who lose tribunal claims, to discourage vexatious claims. Many HR Directors welcomed this … Continue reading

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Political independence for public services? Hogwash!

The Bank of England’s backflip from high interest rates and a focus on inflation to low interest rates and economic recovery was almost certainly a response to government pressure. That much heralded Independence-of-the-Bank-of-England, that we were told was so good for … Continue reading

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Why call centre workers take the most sickies

There are a number of reports in the papers today about call centre employees taking more time off sick than any other group of workers. The ONS report doesn’t actually give specific data for call centre workers. It refers to customer service workers generally, in … Continue reading

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Council debt collectors fly to Iceland

After investing £50 million and £27 million respectively in a bank that several bloggers and even the Daily Mail knew was a bit dodgy, Kent and Barnet councils are sending their senior finance managers on a jolly debt collecting mission to Iceland. … Continue reading

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Why are leaders surprised when people resist change?

From Jonathan’s piece on change and banana skins: Change is constant. – we are constantly amazed when we work with companies and businesses about their resistance to change. Really? I’m not. What does constantly amaze me is that people, especially … Continue reading

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Opposition to the Lloyds HBOS merger grows

Three weeks ago, I asked whether we still need the Lloyds HBoS merger. Since then, the opposition to the government assisted takeover has become louder. Last week, the Economist came out against it for much the same reasons as I did. … Continue reading

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Christmas is cancelled – again!

Employment Law firm Peninsula claims that four out of five firms it surveyed will not be paying for a staff Christmas party this year. Guru takes the whole thing with a pinch of salt, reminding us that Peninsula’s Christmas-is-cancelled surveys are … Continue reading

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Barack Obama – The first 90 days must set the tone

Since there is officially no other news apart from Barack Obama’s victory, I thought I’d better write something about it. At the moment, the world is heaping praise on him but only the churlish and over-cynical would deny that this is … Continue reading

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