The Angry Receptionist

Now this is a must for the blogroll. I read about it in today’s Grauniad.

The Angry Receptionist is, well, an angry receptionist for a company somewhere in New York. Some of her (or his?) conversations are hilarious.

“Can I cancel the lunch catering today?” One hour before lunch.


“Well, we want to order pizza instead.”

“That’s fine, but I can’t cancel the catering.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’ve only given me an hour’s notice and the order’s made and probably on its way already?” I say this as a question because I’m genuinely wondering if they don’t know that food just doesn’t appear from thin air.

“But…we want pizza instead!”

Even highly paid VPs (everyone’s a VP in the Angry Receptionist’s firm) behave like spoilt brats sometimes.

Straight onto the ‘regular reads’ she goes.

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2 Responses to The Angry Receptionist

  1. Thanks! You set me up the bomb!

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