Council promises job to Apprentice loser

Oh FFS! This is just bleedin’ stupid.

Essex County Council has said that it will offer a job to the runner up in tonight’s final of The Apprentice.

Which job will that be? Apparently, it will be tailored to the person’s strengths. In other words, the candidate will be able to write his or her own job description.

Paul White, also known as Lord Hanningfield, leader of Essex County Council, said:

We unashamedly want the best and brightest to come and work for us.

Now come on Paul, are you really suggesting that the candidates on The Apprentice are the best and brightest? The programme is unreality TV. People are selected because they are good telly, not because they are any good at business and certainly not because they have any aptitude for running an English county council.

That’s why the penultimate show is always so funny; the interviews show up the lies the candidates have been telling all the way through. For example, any half-decent selection process would have revealed that Lee had lied about his university education. Why did he get though? Because the programme makers wanted to entertain us by humiliating him during the show.

Now, because of his rash promise, Lord Hanningfield could end up offering Lee a job. After Lee’s recent performance, no-one else I have spoken to (and I know plenty of people in recruitment) would offer him a job anywhere.

I was about to say that this is a cheap publicity stunt by Essex County Council but it could well turn out to be a very expensive one.  The council has a reasonably good performance rating. How recruiting one of the failed apprentices will help to improve that is anybody’s guess. Save your county’s money, Paul, and spend it on something, or someone, more useful.

Hat Tip: Mike Berry at Personnel Today, who has been inundated with press releases from consultancies offering help and advice to the candidates. I think he should name and shame them.

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1 Response to Council promises job to Apprentice loser

  1. jonathan says:

    Doesn’t sound very equal opportunities.

    Since when did Essex County Council outsource its recruiting to the BBC and/or whoever makes The Apprentice?

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