Training – the answer to all those little problems

A recent conversation between a regional manager and a training manager at corporate HQ:

Regional Manager:  Could you come down here and run a few days training for us?

Training Manager:  Sure. What do you need?

Regional Manager:  Something on how to behave appropriately at work…., erm, with particular emphasis on dress-codes.

Training Manager:  Rrrright…….  How has this arisen?

Regional Manager:  Some of our graduate trainees have started coming to work in jeans.

Training Manager:  Well, couldn’t you just tell them not to?

Regional Manager: (sounding very disappointed)  Oh…. erm…. yes, I suppose so.

It’s that old get-out option again. Need to give someone a difficult message? Don’t sweat about it. Send them on a training course instead.

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5 Responses to Training – the answer to all those little problems

  1. HR Wench says:

    Don’t want to actually manage your employees? Call HR! They will do it for you. Bleh. No thanks.

  2. Breanne says:

    Sadly, I have an even more disturbing story. I offer training on individual and organization development (amongst other things) and this was a recent conversation I experienced with someone:

    Manager: Can you provide a one-day training for my team?
    Me: Depends, what are the issues you would like to cover?
    Manager: I don’t know…we just need to have one day of outside training accoring to my boss….so whatever you have is fine!


  3. Doug Shaw says:

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear 😦

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