Youth of today

Once again, one of Laurie Ruettimann’s posts has left me struggling with North American nomenclature. A Valedictorian is, apparently, the student who makes the final speech at the graduation ceremony. There is, it seems, a whole palaver surrounding the election or selection of the Valedictorian before a school or college graduation.

That explanation out of the way, onto the meat of the story. One candidate for Valedictorian at a Canadian school has got into trouble for his politically incorrect speech on the hustings. After Brandon Rosario’s appeal to the high school voters was posted on YouTube, he was investigated for his remarks about Jews, Colombians, black women, gays and the disabled.

When I watched it, I was astounded by the seventeen-year-old’s comic timing. I went to school with some fairly clever, articulate and confident people but I can’t imagine any of them being able to deliver a speech like that in their final year at school.

Anyway, Brandon Rosario is now unintentionally famous. Have a look at his speech. Is he just a nasty kid getting cheap laughs or is he a wit with a repartee beyond his years? And would you hire him?

Whatever you think, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from him again in next few years.


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1 Response to Youth of today

  1. Laurie says:

    In my day, we would refer to this kid as a ‘spaz.’

    Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the You Tube generation makes this kid a star.

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