The Doodle Notebook

Saturday’s Guardian had a free supplement containing extracts from Claire Fay’s  The Doodle Notebook – How to Waste Time in the Office. Apparently, the book, a guide to drawing rude cartoons about your colleagues, has taken Ms Fay’s native France by storm.

Now I could make comments about the French not spending enough time in the office to make wasting it worth such detailed thought, but that would be a cheap jibe. I do wonder, though, why people need a guide to help them doodle in meetings. I have been doing it for years and the only thing that stops me producing hilarious caricatures of my colleagues is a complete absence of artistic talent. Even the online guide doesn’t help me much.

Oh well, if it works for you that’s fine. I will stick to threatening to write rude stuff about people on my blog. That usually shuts them up.

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1 Response to The Doodle Notebook

  1. The ‘doodle’ was invested by Baba Doodlius, who is a parrot. He also writes a blog.

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