Council outsources its entire HR function

Dartford Borough Council claims to be the first UK local authority to outsource its entire HR function. The council, currently going through a cost-cutting restructure, has transferred all HR and payroll support for its 400 employees to Northgate HR.

Or has it?

In my experience, HR never gets fully outsourced. There are usually a couple of HR professionals left in the organisation, if only to manage the outsourced service provider and sweep up after the more senior managers. Over time, you get grow-back, as functions recruit their own HR staff, often under a different name like ‘Resourcing Manager’ or ‘Staff Co-ordinator’.

However, it may be that Dartford is a small enough organisation to get by without having HR support on site and its executives are good enough people managers to render such a service unnecessary.

We shall see.

Hat Tip: Guru

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1 Response to Council outsources its entire HR function

  1. jonathan says:

    Is “By outsourcing all HR and payroll we’re able to take advantage of Northgate HR’s expertise and vast experience in the area.”

    a coded way of saying If I am sick do I have to ring 0800 Bangalore to report in?

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