Positive, upbeat New Year post

Well, everyone finally seems to be getting back to work this week. Some had an extended break and did not return to work until this Monday, others have been at their deaks since the 2nd of January but, because the office was half empty, didn’t actually start doing much work until everyone else got back. This is therefore, in effect, only the third working day of the year.   

As an antidote to the euphoric mood engendered by this return to work, the New York Times has published a series of questionnaires to help you work out just how bad your boss is, or, if you are a boss, just how bad you are.

This one from the AFL-CIO, the American equivalent of the TUC, is, apparently, based on real events. They also have a Name That Boss quiz. See if you can work out who these bosses are:

  1. My boss told me I was doing “a heckuva job.” Then, a few days later, he fired me.
  2. My boss asked me to commit perjury and I almost had to go to jail.
  3. My boss asked my co-worker to fabricate civil rights violations and ordered other employees fired for their political leanings.
  4. My boss liked to send explicit instant messages to 16-year-old boys.
  5. More than 1.5 million women are suing my boss in a class action lawsuit for denying women fair promotions.
  6. My boss got his girlfriend transferred to a great job with big raises. Luckily, he quit when everyone found out.
  7. My boss mocked me in public and undercut me on the job when I told him we needed more troops to get the job done.
  8. Everyone thinks my boss is a model employer but this morning she hit me on the head with a phone so hard I filed assault charges.
  9. My boss asks us to do ridiculous things that make us look really stupid. Then, at the end of every week he calls everyone to the conference room and fires someone in front of the whole world.
  10. My boss told us to manipulate the California energy market.
  11. My boss wrote anonymous attacks against a rival company on Internet sites and blogs and questioned why anyone would buy its stock. Then he tried to buy the other company.
  12. After cooking for him and his wife for eight years, my boss fired me because I got pregnant. It really stung.

The answers are here

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