Management development is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll

Is Rock ‘n’ Roll HR the new thing?

First this and now this – drumming to improve performance and develop creativity.

Is there any new research that I’m not aware of which is making executives turn to guitars, drums and singing as a way of improving their organisations? Or could it be that a number of managers who played in bands when they were younger are now reaching that age when they want to do something different, and have found an ideal way of doing something they like while getting paid for it.

Now, how can I develop a methodology that links organisational excellence with drinking large quantities of beer in good pubs?

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7 Responses to Management development is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll

  1. jonathan says:

    Rick, sorry to say but you have missed the point. 🙂

    Rock and roll is now a very respectable job…

    The Rolling Stones – rebels in their own time – now advertising in the middle of Corrie and by the side of the till at Asda as an impulse purchase.
    Mick Jagger going to the cricket with John Major

    Very rebellious….

    As for your drumming mates – there are quite a few people I would like to beat with a stick…

  2. Peter Cook says:

    Hi again Rick,

    Speaking as a scientist, not everything needs evidence to prove its value, even though we seem to live in a measurement obsessed society….

    So, there’s plenty of empirical proof to suggest that drinking and organisational development are good bedfellows! ;-)))

    As for rebellion, I’d agree with Jonathan, the successful rockers manage to combine the hard work and networking with the late nights, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Rebellion these days in the UK was when members of the audience (including a senior HR person from Pfizer) lit up a fag (that’s a ciagarette in UK speak) during the Sex Pistoils gig now that we have a smoking ban in public places.

    Rebellion ain’t what it used to be! ;-))

    All the best

    Peter Cook

    Author ‘Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll’

  3. What about thrash metal? there is an Ulrich in Metallica after-all!

  4. Peter Cook says:

    Hi ho, Scott,

    Of course Metallica is part of this movement! As is Mozart, Madonna, Morrissey, Meatloaf, Motorhead, McCartney and Mahler!

    p.s. there is a new film on this topic approved by the UK ‘establishment’ – the Institute of Directors, where business management and leadership is summed up through the medium of ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll’

    You can see it online 24/7 at


    Peter Cook – the author

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