Dress Code Guide

I have discussed dress-code angst a couple of times on this blog. It is a recurring theme on work-based problem pages.

Well now there is this helpful Dress Code Guide to point you in the right direction. You simply enter in the type of occasion, or the dress-code specified on the invitation or those dreaded conference joining instructions, say whether you are male or female and if the climate is hot or cold, then Bob’s-yer-uncle, it tells you what to wear.

Interestingly, it also asks you whether you are in the USA and Canada or the UK and Commonwealth. It’s obviously an American site so I’ll forgive them for not knowing that Canada is also in the Commonwealth. It doesn’t include dress-codes in continental Europe, for which a different set of dress rules seem to apply. Perhaps that will be in the next release.

Having experimented with it, I can’t see much difference in the results for USA/Canada and UK/Commonwealth. For instance, if you enter ‘Business Casual – Corporate’ it tells you it is acceptable for men to wear loafers in both the USA and the UK. This is complete rubbish. If anyone from the US is reading this, take it from me – those loafers with tassels that American businessmen seem to love will be the cause of merciless piss-taking should you wear them in the UK. If you’re coming over here, leave the damned things at home.

I think the authors of Dress Code Guide need to do a bit more homework.

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2 Responses to Dress Code Guide

  1. jonathan says:

    Forget the dress code guide. I have an email from a director sent to all staff which I will dig out and post. It contains the classic phrase

    “refrain from wearing anything which is more suitable for beach and/or nightclub rather than office or shows an inordianate amount of shoulder or torso”…..If anyone would like to discuss this, please come and see me”

  2. Matt says:

    Hmmm, dress codes vary a lot. We did loads of research, asked hundreds of people and got hundreds of answers which sometimes conflicted.

    Anyway, you are right about loafers, and I have amended the dresscode to only suggest them in the US.

    The differences between US+ and UK,+ regarding dress code is largely language and to an extent formality, which is why US and Canada and have been grouped together – I’ll have to have a think about how to resolve the implication that Canada is outside of the common wealth – this was not the intention. Hopefully in a future release further locations will be available to provide information in other languages such as French – which will really make things confusing if you live in Qubec!


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