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I’ll let you into a secret. A couple of years ago, I started a blog about the world of work, including stuff about managing people, behaviour in the workplace and some more general business articles. Not unlike this blog, in fact. It ran for a few months but I gave up because there were so few other people blogging about similar subjects. There were some in the USA but hardly any in Britain. Eventually, because I had no-one to play with, I got bored and packed it in.

After an interesting lunchtime discussion with a couple of colleagues in March, I decided to have another go. And how things have changed. I have discovered UK blogs written by managers, HR professionals and a number of others who just describe their experiences of work. Discussions about subjects ranging from corporate insanity to how to help people learn at work have made it onto the British blogosphere. Running a blog about business and work is much more fun than it was two years ago because it feels as if there is a conversation going on.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales is now getting a stream of regular traffic. Special thanks to Guru, Chris Dillow and Fabian Tassano whose regular links to individual posts have given this blog a leg-up and to the CityUnslicker, Learndontlearn and Jeremy Jacobs for being the first to add it to their blogrolls.

Other British bloggers writing about business and work include:

Ask a manager

Corporate Whore

Donald Clark

Donald H Taylor

Dr Rant

H aRRgh!!

Jon Ingham

Scott McArthur

Some are serious, some are funny, one-or-two are a bit scary but they all add something to the general conversation about the world of work, where most of us spend most of our waking hours.

If the traffic on this blog is anything to go by, lots of people are interested in these discussions. My only gripe is that I wish more people would leave comments. Lots of people are reading but not many want to write anything. If you are worried about leaving your email, the only reason I ask for it is to try and prevent spam comments. It will not be shown and I promise not to use it to send you any rubbish you don’t want. You may even be able to use a false email, as I don’t think there is any validation. So come on readers, let’s have a few more comments.

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3 Responses to Blogging about work

  1. Guru says:

    Here’s an interesting piece about the 90:9:1 rule of web participation, which might explain why we bloggers aren’t getting as many comments as we’d like:

  2. So are you a lurker or what?


  3. Hi Rick,

    I’ve just found you through my sister blog, guru ( part of the Personnel Today group portfolio) and just wanted to say that I’m definitely up for some workplace banter.

    Do you want to join in on my tea round or the great office stapler debate? I wrote a posting about tea after I realised that the tea group I’m part of had been arguing over who’s round it was to make tea next…which led to one of my colleagues creating a tea tally chart to settle the argument and find out who makes the most and least tea in our group. This spurred a whole lot of other tea etiquette debate…Office tea rounds | Nothing like a good brew to bring us together (you’ll find it in August’s archive…so go on then, I dare you, are you going to play?

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