Employers watch the Web

Earlier this month I wrote about a friend of mine checking the Facebook entries of prospective graduate trainees.

It appears that this practice is more common than I realised. Recruitment firm Joslin Rowe surveyed 53 companies and found that 20% of them looked at candidates’ profiles on networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Friends Reunited. Perhaps more worrying is that 60% of them explored blogs.  

According to the survey, the top ten turn-offs for employers are:

1. References to drug abuse
2. Extremist / intolerant views, including racism, sexism
3. Criminal activity
4. Evidence of excessive alcohol consumption
5. Inappropriate pictures, including nudity
6. Foul language
7. Links to unsuitable websites
8. Lewd jokes
9. Silly email addresses
10. Membership of pointless / silly groups

So that’ll leave most British bloggers on the dole then.

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2 Responses to Employers watch the Web

  1. Just found your blog, it’s a good read.

  2. Hence the anonymous bloggy bit.

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