You must have seen it happen. It usually starts when someone on the management team goes sees a motivational speaker. The next morning he comes into the office convinced that the guru who gave the entertaining talk has the answer to the company’s problems. Then the whole team goes off on some sort of “experiential” event. If your organisation is rich enough, they might even go to the Antarctic.

Before you know it, you and your colleagues are being sheep-dipped into seminars run by the motivational speaker or, more likely, his franchisees with the cheaper day-rates, and posters appear bearing slogans like ‘Seize the Day’ or ‘Attitude makes the Difference’ or my all-time favourite, ‘Don’t wait for your ship to come in. Swim out to it.’

Well, if you need an antidote, there is now a web-site full of ‘de-motivational’ slides. I remember these doing the rounds a few years ago but other people have taken up the baton (sorry!) and produced their own. I like this one about mediocrity (one for Fabian’s next book?) but there are plenty more to choose from.


There’s a sobering reminder for anyone coming up for retirement too.


Then again, maybe that’s a warning for us all.

Hat Tip: Onyx Stone

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2 Responses to De-motivation

  1. OnyxStone says:

    Cheers for the tip. That first poster is superb. That tower considered a classic landmark is ready a poor piece of engineering. Whatever brings in the tourist dollar!

  2. These have kept me amused all day. I was going to pick one out, but they’re all either good or excellent!

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