Smoking ban in force next week

By the time we go back to work on Monday, the smoking ban will be in force. I would be willing to bet that many employers are still totally unprepared for it. A lot people just haven’t thought it through.

For example, do lorries, vans and company cars count as part of the workplace for the purposes of the smoking ban?  And if they do, who in your company is going to tell the truck drivers that they can’t smoke in their cabs?

This podcast, put together by an employment lawyer, is easy to follow. It includes interviews with business leaders and information on how the ban was implemented in Scotland.

It’s going to make life more difficult for management consultants too. A sure-fire way to find out what was going on in a company was to send one of your team to the smokers’ room. There, everyone from directors to post-room staff mixed in a smoky, egalitarian atmosphere and exchanged gossip. Smoking rooms were a source of intelligence that will be sorely missed.

Have a great weekend and, if it’s your thing, enjoy your last fag in the pub.

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2 Responses to Smoking ban in force next week

  1. trudy smith says:

    its a very grey area my husband packed up 6 months ago but i still smoke he has a company van but pays extra tax for private use but he will still get in trouble if i smoke in it in private time but they wont reduce his tax on it

  2. Matt Munro says:

    You’re right about the smoke room, it’s about the only place where everyone from the cleaner to the director could meet informally and something about it (maybe the in-group dynamic) seemed to make people drop their guard and tell it like it was rather than the party line. Far more reliable than any amount of official news.
    For me it’s the end of the pub as I know it. Sitting at the bar with a fag and a pint having a chat has been a big part of life, on and off for the last 25 years, I couln’t care less if that makes me an old fart. The atmosphere of the traditional british pub was unique, it’s not replicated in any other country I’ve ever been to, and it’s gone forever, to be replaced by corporate blandness and mass conformity.

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