Lemon Dropping

I heard this term yesterday and it made me laugh out loud.

Lemon-Dropping is the opposite of Cherry-Picking. It usually takes place when an organisation is outsourcing some of its processes to another provider, or where one provider is taking a contract over from another to provide services for a client. As you probably know, under TUPE rules, the relevant employees are transferred from the old to the new service provider. And this is where Lemon-Dropping comes in. Before the transfer, you put all your crap people (or Lemons) into the team that is working on the contract you are about to lose or outsource. That way, the new provider has to deal with all the bolshie trouble-makers, the perpetual sickies, the do-just-enoughs, the come-in-late-go-home-earlys and the habitual grievance-raisers, while you save yourself a lot of aggro. If you can do it subtly, no-one will twig until it is too late.

So there you have it. A new term that accurately describes something we all know has been going on for years. “Lemon Dropping”. It deserves its place in the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

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3 Responses to Lemon Dropping

  1. neil says:

    Should this thread be under – “Gordon Brown selects his new team??

  2. Rick says:

    Not a Brownite then, Neil?

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